Top Ten Beers Named After Songs (Maybe)

I am not well traveled in my beer tourism nor have a diverse tasting portfolio, but as Jay may attest to, I’m a sucker for inspired beer names and recommendations from the staff. On both accounts, I strike out a lot.

There are many partnership brews that result in creative names, however I’m leaving those out. And I’ve not been able to taste all of these. I’m just going off of the name alone — hoping all were truly inspired by the songs. Just making the list for fun and hoping to try them all.

10 in no particular order:

  • Purple Haze – Never been a big fan of sweet and fruity, but couldn’t turn down anything from Abita nor inspired by Jimi.
  • Hop Gun – Had this with coworkers in Orlando years ago. None of them knew the Parliament song. Sad.
  • Rye of the Tiger – Need to try it, then run through Philly. Oh wait, this one was the goofy beach run.
  • Freedom of ‘78 – I guess Short’s has done a few Ween inspired brews. I hope to try one. And despite my love for the song Bananas and Blow and that a beer is named after it, I’ll stick with this song that I love to sing. And a great label inspired by the video.
  • Bitches Brew – I’ve only been able to admire its existence. The label is completely true to the Miles Davis LP as well, so the song and beer should match well. And it pains me that DFH also has a Deltron beer that I haven’t tried – but that was brewed with Automator, so against the rules for this list.
  • Rye’d the Lightning – Metal seems to be the preferred beer song influence, even more so than prog rock and The Dead. Shame this one is no longer. And are Metallica still considered metal? No question they were when this one dropped originally.
  • Brown Sugga‘ – Big fan of the Stones and D’Angelo songs as much as I am a fan of this beer. This was probably named after the Stones, huh?
  • Wynona’s Big Brown Ale – Hope to get a hold of this if I’m around Voodoo or their distribution circle. And Primus…enough said.
  • Me, My Spelt and Rye – I saw this on a list and it’s the biggest stretch here. I know it’s a popular phrase but I’m doing some positive thinking here and hoping it’s named after De La Soul’s song. De La Soul’s big in Cambridge, right? (Judging from the looks of their website, I’m guessing they have no idea who they are.)
  • Back in Black – Nobody is going to think about William Dawes, Samuel Prescott and Paul Revere. They will think of Angus Young’s riff. AC/DC is awesome but next time I have it, I’ll imagine it’s a typo and named after Amy Winehouse’s song while I drink. Yep, I’m a softy for the girl group sound rather than hard rock scream.

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