The Queen of Beer Has My Support

I like a good underdog story. The tortoise always had my emotions. The Zulus against the Brits way back when. I cheered for Daniel-san in The Karate Kid (maybe not Jaden Smith as much). And I always want whomever is fighting Mayweather to win. Of course, as much as it pains the Filipino side of my family, there was still no way I was betting on Pacquiao. Because I like a good underdog, but that underdog still may not get my support. And it’s not just the logic that an underdog is not likely to flat out win, because I supported the Warriors since I got to the Bay Area. Alright, maybe that’s not the best example.

The reason I bring this up is because someone has declared themselves “The Queen of Beer“. That doesn’t sit well with “The King of Beers“. Anheuser-Busch has filed a notice of opposition against She Beverages regarding their slogan. They claim someone may mistake this:
Queen of Beer

as being something they made.

I hope She Beverages wins this legal battle. And I hope consumer marketing overall, and beer marketing in particular, stays creative and competitive. I love Arby’s quirky “We have the meats” slogan and hope it does help them recover from the Seinfeld and Simpsons stigma. I hope Under Armour gets all those trademarks. And I hope She Beverages gets to stay the Queen of Beer. I’ll support them with a purchase if I see them for sale. I mean, maybe one or a six-pack, not a case of anything, not until I’ve tasted the beer. But I’ll buy something.

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