Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?

21st amendment san leandroThe 21st Amendment opening celebration for their San Leandro location was this past weekend. It’s on the more industrial side of the freeway, where Drake’s and Cleophus Quealy are. It appears to be the largest of them, and every bit of the space around it was crammed in with cars. We were there to enjoy the beer, the brewery and more of the beer.

The lines were incredibly long, and despite the reusable plastic mug that was part of the best package deal for beer, the lines justified double-fisting the refreshments. Food trucks were on hand, with comparable lines—except the vegan Filipino food which deserved a longer line. As expected, Watermelon bowling was a hit, so much so that we ran it ourselves when the workers went on break to the delight of some kids and one DB that decided to shot put one (he did try to redeem himself by cleaning it up, but c’mon). Also expected was the assortment of kiddie inflatable play structures. The unexpected excitement was provided by an amazing kid band. They did some Queens of the Stone Age, some Zeppelin and what could possibly have been their own stuff or current rock music I’m too ignorant to recognize in my old age.

21st amendment san leandro
Sorry Drummer, you were too awesome to be seen.

Here’s where I get preachy.

Some of the parental guidance and supervision there was spotty. As a parent, I have informed opinions but don’t openly force them on people because I know every kid is different in raising. But the amount of adult groups with kids that had every adult enjoying many drinks was noticeable. A group of teens that may have been offering equal parts honesty and ridicule of their parents lamented on how they would get home since their parents were drunk. No shaming photos of those parents are included, sorry, but they know who they are.

With brewery events and outings becoming more and more family friendly, which is a good thing, I believe this to be a great time to show kids the example of having a designated driver. Since they are tagging along to your beer outing, maybe adults can show that it is a good idea to have someone that is guaranteed to be sober and responsible enough to get everyone home. Even if it is how my friends and I often do: if we know that the occasion will go on for a while without the need to get everyone home safely anytime soon, then we enjoy a drink right at the start and let settle it there for day. My kids ask about my drinking habits, and at many an occasion I stay dry and remind them it is for safety and responsibility. It’s not the most  photo 20150829_132630_zpsabrvqn3g.jpgfun, but it is a good example of responsibility. And there should be a chance to rotate that responsibility if you can.

Alright, that’s enough lecturing. Everything else about the opening was great. Since the original 21A was in San Francisco, there isn’t much need for me to go back to San Leandro, but it was a great party and is a great location. Maybe the brewery tour will be my siren to get me back, without a shipwreck with kid passengers.

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