The Breaking Bad Beer Mystery Now Leads to Colombia

beerbeerI freely admit, I am a huge Breaking Bad geek. I get picked on for shunning Game of Thrones and will likely never watch an episode of Orange is the New Black, but I stayed true to Breaking Bad even when fans were foaming at the mouth after each episode during its final season and everyone else was laughing at them. From hearing about the concept of the show and it being from a top X-Files alum, I tuned in to the first episode and was hooked by the end pov pull back from the gun barrel. And I’ve always liked desert settings.

But those days are done. It’s time for all of us to move on. Move on to Metastasis, the Spanish language version of the show that brings the entire storyline to Colombia. I binge watched about 1/3 or the entire run. It’s a fun repurposing with some of it done to fit the culture and location and other bits being…well, interesting decisions. Like how every male except Walter and Henry seem to be 10 years older (Jesse Pinkman seems to be 30-something, Tuco as old as Walter and Skinny Pete appears to be close to a 50th birthday). But seeing the Crystal Ship become an old bus, Jose’s secret ingredient become coffee instead of chili powder and how this Gus seems more Gale than Giancarlo where we’ll have to see when the intensity of the character arc kicks in makes things interesting on a different level. One thing that is the same, the families eat a lot of meals on screen and drink a lot of alcohol.

When Breaking Bad was hitting its stride at the end of the 2nd season, I was reading everything I could about the
show. Anything that happened on the show that piqued my interest I was researching online when that episode was over. Toward the end of the US run, I remembered this promo picture of the main characters and wondered what beer they were drinking. Look closely.

I don’t remember if it was this article, but I also thought it was Guinness as well. I didn’t see the picture as zoomed in as this one. Inside, I wanted it to be Shraderbräu. But I ended up looking into it, and it was just another prop beer brand. This was the show that carried over the X-Files brand of cigarettes, so I shouldn’t have thought otherwise. And Metastasis appears to follow suit. I found myself pausing and staring deeply at the beer in that show as well.

 photo dinner-meta_zpst3fagjvc.jpgI had looked into beer in Colombia before, with Aguila beer leading the charge.  photo Crew-meta_zpscjg5i2bv.jpgI also found out about the Bogota Beer Company and hope to find these exported to somewhere nearby. Seeing the Blanco and Navarro families having this mysterious green labeled, crown adorned beer sent me on another search. So far, I have failed to solve the mystery. I know I should just assume it is a prop beer, but maybe it is some craft beer from Colombia and the hunt can be on. I have a feeling I won’t solve this mystery before I finish the series. It’ll be another wild goose chase like the hunt for Snow Beer in the USA.

Well, if I can’t sit and watch the show drinking the beer from that show, then maybe I’ll have to find this beer. And if you are curious what show I expect to turn geek on, until The Man in the High Castle comes around, it’ll have to be The Muppets.

C’mon, Josh Groban’s gonna be on it. That’s a show to drink to, right?

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