Football and a Pint? A Free Pint?

buffalo wild wings beerIt’s not this kind of football this time. It’s American football. But both kinds of football supporters/fans love their beer.

The Kansas City Chiefs will be taking over a pub in London and offering free beer to anyone that has tickets to the game. I guess you don’t have to be a Chiefs fan, but you’ll get free beer either way. I believe this promotion is more for locals that decide to attend the game and not US fans, who would be paying a bunch of money for the plane tickets and would probably be able to have enough money to afford a few pints on their own. But the Chiefs are still expecting 800 or so that said they’d go during training camp or from the luxury booths.

I wonder if this will end up being sponsored by an American beer company and it will be something like only free Coors. Will someone that goes there let me know?

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