NFL’s Drunk Fan Champions

I must clarify this that aside from games on at bars (like later today I’m sure), I’ve not watched an NFL football game on TV since the 2012 Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots. That was because my friends were having a Super Bowl party. I haven’t been to a football game in 12 years. From there, I pass along this information.

There is a survey published that states which team’s fans have the highest blood alcohol rating heading into games. There is both a great marketing ploy by BACtrack and an interesting idea I’m surprised teams or stadium staff or whatever let people measure at the gates and parking lots. Congrats Buffalo. And, unfortunately, my Eagles can’t even win this one. If I was an emoji person I’d put a sad face here. Yet another way I could be less of a football person.

Now I know not all of this is beer, but I think we all know that American football lends itself to tailgating and getting smashed than any other sport. The games are primarily on weekends and are winter sports played often outdoor. I think we’ve all seen the cases of MGD as people barbecue from lawn chairs taking up 5 parking spaces. I think the only moment that would top football games for higher blood alcohol would be baseball games on 4th of July fireworks nights.

Either way, enjoy your games today. And enjoy your beverage that raises your blood alcohol level.

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