Pumpkin Ale Hoarding

PumpkinheadIt’s no secret to those that know me that I love pumpkin beer. The holiday season was really busy (as you saw from the lack of posts) and shopping is a big part of it. Because, really, nothing says end-of-year-holidays like consumerism. I do like finding good gifts to give, but one of the gifts I like to give to myself is pumpkin beer, as it’s on sale everywhere right around Christmas.

I had found some Pumpkinhead by Shipyard on sale for $5.99 at Grocery Outlet recently. I bought the six pack and gave 5 away to coworkers. The one for me I had with a coworker at the end of the day. It was a chance to get some of them to try it, after hearing me talk about how great it is for months. I’m sure I’ll find more there soon.

Right before Christmas, I found some Sam Adams Fat Jack on sale at Cost Plus. While I stood in a line that went 1/3 through the store, I was asked by the person behind me about it. I gave as ringing an endorsement as I could to the guy carrying wine, scarves or some cloth wrap thing, and I believe some decorative centerpiece. I think he was just making conversation, but honed in on the beer instead of the tons of candy, dry spaetzel nor any of the other beers I was buying for Jason’s mom.

And so is the season of December through January. Pumpkin beer is on sale in many places. And it’s time to pick up some, enjoy it yourself and push it on people that think it’s gross without ever trying it. Buy some and carry two around. And when someone says it’s gross, hand them one, feeling good that you got a deal out of it.

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