Learning About Hopsy a Little Late

It honestly baffles me that every business idea there could be isn’t already patented with 3 competing businesses. There has to be an on-demand ringer t-shirt print service of celebrity instagram photos from the previous day filtered to make them look like zombies drinking slurpees. Maybe only 2 of those kind of businesses. But why didn’t someone think of Hopsy sooner?

I read about it in an issue of BeerAdvocate, because I’m an old man and this internet thing scares me too much. What I actually noticed was the Alameda Island Brewing Company logo and tuned in. And I have to say, they were able to get a good roster together deliver. I must say, I do understand the idea of fresh delivery, but I think a lot of the charm needs to be having it be from places that are slightly inaccessible. Just past a threshold where you wouldn’t want to drive there and can’t find it near you. AIBC is a good example. I’m never there unless I’m at work, where I can’t enjoy as much beer from there as I wish. Yes there is after work, where I can get a growler for myself. But yes, Sonoma Springs, I don’t imagine I’ll be there anytime soon.

I do hope more breweries sign up. While a place like Harmonic is nice an accessible, it is nice that something like Russian River could be delivered (just dropping hints). I guess the catalog will grow along with the measure of success that, I hope, comes to Hopsy, just so long as I don’t get too sad thinking about getting a growler delivered while being reminded of elephants being electrocuted (another reason to hate Thomas Edison).

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