We’re Talking About You, Antisocial, Sadistic IPA Drinker

We all know someone who swears by IPAs. It’s the only beer that matters. Nothing else is as hoppy, biting, yet refreshing. There’s no better taste, smell and mouthfeel. Every respectable brewery has to make one. It’s the only three letters that matter in beer — forget about the letters B, E, and R.

For those people, we’re all judging you. Well, at least the psychologists at Austria’s University of Innsbruck are judging you. Studies have determined that people who like bitter tastes are absolute jerks…or, maybe they were more scientific with their description. What I actually find interesting about this article is that it used the click bait idea that I just applied as well. It wasn’t just IPAs. It was anything bitter in taste. But instead of putting black coffee or arugula, they put beer in the headline.

Smooth move. You got my click.

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