More Beer Data for the Data Geek Set – NBA Flavor

The NBA season starts tonight, and one thing that I stumbled upon (without a stumbleupon link) was this awesome site that is also close to my name. Statista is a great site to find stats and studies on industries, commodities, media and more.

Best yet for me, who is slowly getting out priced for being a usual in-attendance fan of the Warriors, Average Beer Prices for NBA Team Arenas for last season. Here are some fun things I found:

  • The overall league average is $7.50 a beer
  • Last year’s champion Cleveland Cavs were the cheapest
  • Knicks were most expected (NY market expectations) followed by the Phoenix Suns (is it because it’s so damn hot out there people will pay anything for cold beer, but it’s a winter sport)
  • The abundance of local craft beers does not seem to drive up cost (see Denver, Portland, etc.)

Here’s hoping they do it soon for this season.

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