The Beer Blog Quality Quandary

I wonder how other people that write about beer handle this problem. Or if they even have the same problem I have. Here’s how it usually goes:

Have an idea to write about something related to beer. To do so, enjoy a beer while writing. Eventually, after a beer or thoughts of a second, interest begins to wane in a continuance of writing. The written piece then is either paused until beer is finished and another day beings the ambition to complete the piece or I run to the finish with an influence of alcohol in my words.

See the last blog entry as a prime example. Something I began to write immediately at the end of that day of the Germany-France friendly. And it too three tries and some beers before I just decided to finish it off. The end of that post can be read in the voice of a drunk old man in a bar ranting about soccer and remembering every now and then to drink more of that warm beer in his hand.

So I decided to write this one while at work and quickly finish it. As I’ve been known to enjoy a tasty beer while at work sometimes.

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