AB InBev Plays the Underdog at Super Bowl LI

The beer business story heading into the Super Bowl this year is all about Budweiser. As you likely already know, it’s not about the beer, but the statement made by one of their commercials. Of course, there are very likely to be other commercials in their portfolio with crass humor, talking animals or celebrities. The marketing department at Anheuser-Busch gets the most our of their … Continue reading AB InBev Plays the Underdog at Super Bowl LI

NFL’s Drunk Fan Champions

I must clarify this that aside from games on at bars (like later today I’m sure), I’ve not watched an NFL football game on TV since the 2012 Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots. That was because my friends were having a Super Bowl party. I haven’t been to a football game in 12 years. From there, I pass along this information. There is … Continue reading NFL’s Drunk Fan Champions

Chris Bosh, NBA All-Star and All-Beer First Team

Basketball season has started. And I’m eating it all up. From Dirk and the Mavs fighting the good fight to why the Clippers deserve to be hated (great compilation story), the NBA has it’s share of characters on the court and at the keyboards. Yesterday, I found some interesting basketball news pertinent to the 2.5 people that read this. Chris Bosh beer is available today thanks to … Continue reading Chris Bosh, NBA All-Star and All-Beer First Team

Premier League and Beer – Revisited

As the first few matches of the season (first batches of matches?) have been played, the pairing of beer and soccer still lingered with me. I wrote about soccer marketing before, and it stuck with me. Specifically, I wondered about beer sponsorships. Even more specifically, I wondered about the logos on the kits. For all US soccer fans, Tim Howard was the hero of the … Continue reading Premier League and Beer – Revisited