Down Goes Speakeasy

Last week, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers ceased operations. It was a surprise to the Bay Area beer drinking community. Overall, it really shouldn’t have been. The craft beer business should not be considered “small” or “niche” anymore. Billion dollar acquisitions will do that. Speakeasy has a long, solid history of beer making starting in 1997. They have brewed a good, diverse lineup of beers under … Continue reading Down Goes Speakeasy

Is There a Need for Beer Flavor Snacks?

The San Francisco Winter Fancy Food show was last week and one of the exhibitors that has been getting a lot of press is ReGrained. It is a great story of reclaiming/upcycling/whatever “spent” grain from the beer making process and making a nutritional bar out of it. There are many ways you can go with this product. Great use of ingredients with nutrition still in … Continue reading Is There a Need for Beer Flavor Snacks?

More Beer Data for the Data Geek Set – NBA Flavor

The NBA season starts tonight, and one thing that I stumbled upon (without a stumbleupon link) was this awesome site that is also close to my name. Statista is a great site to find stats and studies on industries, commodities, media and more. Best yet for me, who is slowly getting out priced for being a usual in-attendance fan of the Warriors, Average Beer Prices … Continue reading More Beer Data for the Data Geek Set – NBA Flavor

Learning About Hopsy a Little Late

It honestly baffles me that every business idea there could be isn’t already patented with 3 competing businesses. There has to be an on-demand ringer t-shirt print service of celebrity instagram photos from the previous day filtered to make them look like zombies drinking slurpees. Maybe only 2 of those kind of businesses. But why didn’t someone think of Hopsy sooner? I read about it … Continue reading Learning About Hopsy a Little Late

Premier League and Beer – Revisited

As the first few matches of the season (first batches of matches?) have been played, the pairing of beer and soccer still lingered with me. I wrote about soccer marketing before, and it stuck with me. Specifically, I wondered about beer sponsorships. Even more specifically, I wondered about the logos on the kits. For all US soccer fans, Tim Howard was the hero of the … Continue reading Premier League and Beer – Revisited

Ommegang to re-release early Game of Thrones beers.

Game of Thrones is now a worldwide phenomenon, but if you missed Ommegang’s first two companion brews, Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout, soon you’ll have a chance to try them. Josh Goodstadt, HBO’s VP of Global Licensing, said, “The popularity of the beers has grown right alongside the popularity of the show, and we are thrilled to give these first two brews a second … Continue reading Ommegang to re-release early Game of Thrones beers.